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I always had trepidation visiting Accountants as they generally seem indifferent to my needs. It was on the the strength of the reviews here I bypassed getting quotes and contacted Andy directly. Right from the first phone call I felt relaxed and I am amazed at the care and attention he showed. He brought all my Tax Affairs up to date and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. His advice was worth his fee alone! Thanks heaps.

Phil Morley, Mandurah

What is Xero?

Xero is an online accounting software for managing finances and collaborating with accountants and bookkeepers from across the world.  It performs bookkeeping functions and connects small business owners to their bookkeeper, accountant, bank and other business apps.


What Are the Advantages of Xero?



This online accounting software is user-friendly. It is not only affordable to use. It is also easy to use. You do not even need to study accounting to use Xero. It is easy to follow the terminologies in Xero. It is also easy and simple to upload your supporting documents and other files.


Currency Conversion

A lot of small business owners from across the world love to use Xero because of its built-in currency converter. It is easy to convert any currency using their currency converter. If you do business with people and businesses from different parts of the world, you can easily convert their currency to Australian Dollars.


Easy Integration

Business owners use different software and programs to run their businesses. You can easily integrate your software and programs with Xero. This is because Xero is compatible with most programs and software out there. For instance, you can integrate your payroll provider with Xero.



Xero is an online accounting software, so it is easy to access from any device connected to the internet. It is not necessary to set up an office to use Xero. It is, therefore, ideal for remote workers and people who work from home. You can view your account information, balances and transactions from anywhere in the world.


Easy Pricing System

Xero has a three-tier pricing system. It has affordable prices and does not have hidden fees. It is the most affordable online accounting software on the market. You can compare the Starter, Standard and Premium 10 packages to choose a package that suits your business.

Why Do You Need an Accountant to Assist You with Xero?

Once you decide to use Xero to manage your finances, you can now hire the right accountant. Hiring an accountant can help you clean up your books, improve your invoicing and cash flow and do your tax correctly and on time. You can even get good advice on invoice payment terms from your accountant.

Hiring an accountant can also help you grow your business. If you are spending too much time managing your finances, you will not have enough time to focus on growing your business. Hire an accountant to help you with Xero. That way you will have more time to focus on growing your business.


Why Choose Perth Mobile Tax for Your Xero Accounting?

Perth Mobile Tax not only provides tax returns and bookkeeping services. They also provide real value-added services. They can help you identify opportunities hidden in your numbers. They can save you time and costs and boost your profits.


Frequently Asked Questions about Xero Accountants Perth

Can I give my accountant access to Xero?

Yes, It’s free of charge to add users, including your accountant, to your organisation.

How do I send an invitation to my accountant to join my Xero account?

To add new users to your organisation, your user role needs to include the manage users permission. An invite is sent to the new user that they need to accept or decline. This invite expires after 14 days, but you can resend it.

Do I still need to keep hard copies of receipts if I use Xero?

All your bills and receipts are securely stored in the cloud and are easily accessible to you or your accountant when needed, so there’s no need to keep any paper receipts or bills around anymore but recommended to archive.

Is the Xero app mobile friendly?

Xero has multiple mobile apps that work on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. Xero often releases updates so make sure you keep your app updated to ensure the latest features and improvements are installed.

Can I access Xero offline?

No. As this is a cloud based app, it requires an internet connection.

Can customers pay me through Xero?

Yes. Customers can pay you directly. You can include a ‘Pay now’ button in your online invoices to get paid even faster.