Many people miss out on cash because they do not have the necessary paperwork and are not organised. You can get the best tax refund this financial year; however, you need to have the required documents and receipts. It is even better to hire a tax accountant, and your tax accountant can maximise your return.

Here are the documents and receipts to take to your tax accountant for your tax return: 

Most info is available from the ATO portal. 


  • PAYG Payment Summaries. It’s available via MyGov. 
  • Payment Summaries from Centrelink. For instance, Disability Pension, Youth Allowance, and Newstart. 
  • Eligible termination payments.
  • The interests you earn from your accounts. 
  • Share dividend statements.
  • The money you earn from the sharing economy. For instance, if you rent out your house on or Airbnb or if you are an Uber driver. 
  • The cash payments you received, excluding personal.
  • The money you make from websites such as eBay, excluding personal.
  • The annual tax statements from cash management trusts, property, and cash, managed investments, and trusts. 
  • Income and expenses from your investment properties.

Deduction and Expense:

  • Fees and interest on your investment loans.
  • Receipts from your charity donations.
  • Receipts of work-related expenses, including your vehicle log. 
  • Private health insurance.
  • Sickness and accident insurance. 
  • Income protection insurance.
  • Donations to charities – but they do not count if you got a ticket to win a prize.
  • Your extra superannuation contributions.
  • Any work related expenses.


It is much better to talk to your tax accountant since your accountant can tell you all the necessary documents and receipts you need to bring. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a tax accountant to lodge your tax, contact Perth Mobile Tax today. You do not have to come to us, and we will come to you.  Call us at 1300 001 829 or use our online booking system to set up an appointment at your convenience.