When it’s that time of the year most of us dread – tax season – it lies ahead like a mountain to be conquered. That is why most people turn to a trusted professional to handle their personal or business tax returns. This offers convenience, expert advice, maximum returns, and pure peace of mind that your taxes are done correctly and on time. 

But there are many factors to consider in choosing the right tax agent in Perth for you. We offer some guidelines below:

Get their Registered Tax Agent number

You can then determine if they are registered on the TPB (Tax Practitioners Board). This is a sign of a tax agent’s expertise. 

Check How Much Experience They Have

A tax agent with a lot of experience, especially in your industry, will have dealt with numerous complicated tax issues and are less likely to make mistakes than someone who is new to the trade or only recently started their own company. 

Find Out Their Speciality

Remember that everyone’s tax situation is different. You want to find a tax agent that is equipped to deal with your specific tax claims. 

Don’t Let Cost Be Your Biggest Consideration

Be wary of those claiming to get you the biggest refund or charge you based on the size of the tax return. Just because you might have a budget, doesn’t mean you need to settle for the cheapest option. 

Electronic Lodging

Ensure that your tax agent lodges your returns electronically. This will give you peace of mind that all information is filed correctly, without errors, and that all work is completed. The ATO generally requires all tax agents to lodge electronically. 

Are You an Employee or Self-Employed?

Are you a sole trader, contractor, or freelancer? An accountant can help with your BAS and PAYG and also advise on deductions, super contributions, and more. 

If you have multiple jobs or incomes, tax returns become a bit more complicated than when your income is solely from one employer. Your tax agent can help you determine the correct way to file your returns. 

Perth Mobile Tax – How We Can Help You?

Aside from ensuring that you lodge a tax return properly each year, our professional tax agents can also help you when your finances have become more complex. Our friendly team will give you the necessary tax and budgeting advice to manage your finances.