The advent of tax season often feels like a looming mountain waiting to be scaled. To avoid the daunting task of handling personal or business tax returns, many individuals in Perth resort to seeking the assistance of a professional tax agent. This ensures not only convenience and expert insights but also maximises returns and guarantees the accurate, timely completion of tax obligations.

However, selecting the right tax agent requires contemplation of various factors. Here are some guidelines to aid your decision-making process.

Verify Their Registered Tax Agent Number

Acquiring their registered tax agent number allows you to confirm their registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). This serves as evidence of their professional competence and legitimacy. 

Evaluate Their Experience in the Field

A seasoned tax agent, specifically one familiar with your industry, offers substantial benefits. They have likely navigated complex tax issues numerous times, thus reducing the probability of potential errors compared to relatively inexperienced counterparts.

Understand Their Area of Expertise

It is vital to remember that everyone’s tax situations vary. Therefore, seek a tax agent proficient in handling matters relevant to your specific tax requirements.

Don’t Make Your Decision Solely on Cost

Exercise caution with tax agents who promise substantial refunds or calculate charges based on the tax return size. Having a budget does not mean you have to settle for the least expensive service.

Ensure Electronic Lodging of Returns

Verify that your tax agent files your returns electronically. This allows for two reassurances: all information is accurately lodged, and all tasks are duly completed. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) typically mandates that tax agents lodge electronically.

Consider Your Employment Status

If you are a sole trader, contractor or freelancer, an accountant can assist with your Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Pay As You Go (PAYG) and offer advice on deductions, superannuation contributions, and more.

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For those with multiple sources of income, tax returns may be more intricate than someone earning solely from one employer. In such scenarios, your tax agent’s guidance can be invaluable in accurately filing your returns.

At Perth Mobile Tax, our professional tax agents aim to ensure your tax returns’ accurate and timely lodging each year. Additionally, we provide support when your financial situation grows in complexity. Contact us; our amiable team is eager to furnish you with the necessary tax and budgeting guidance to help you manage your finances efficiently.

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