Why Getting the Right Tax Accountant Matters 

Your tax accountant plays an integral role in maintaining your financial well-being and legitimacy as a business owner. When the time comes for you to hire a tax accountant, it is worth spending some time to ensure that you find a professional. You want someone who will save you time and money for as long as you carry out your business activities. 

Below, we list some of the best tips for finding the right tax accountant. 

Tips for Finding the Right Accountant 


In the past, you were limited to accountants who practised business taxes in the same geographical location as your business. Thanks to cloud-based accounting and online collaboration, however, this is no longer necessary. Location is still a worthy consideration, though, and you have to think about what suits your company best. 

Stick to Chartered Accountants 

Only use the services of chartered accountants (C.A.) to ensure the highest possible standards. A C.A. is educated to degree level and has extensive work experience. 

Relevant Experience 

When it is tax time, you want an accountant who has experience with financial documents and tax returns of businesses similar to yours. Ideally, your accountant should be familiar with business taxes in your particular industry. 

Ask for Recommendations 

Ask people in your social or professional network to recommend tax accountants who provided them with tax advice and other related services. If your friends or associates were happy with their accountant, chances are you will be too. 

Social media is also an excellent place to find recommendations, especially if you are part of a group of businesses that serve the same market. 


The right tax account will take the stress out of tax filing and help you save money. Perth Mobile Tax specialises in a wide range of tax-related solutions, and we can help you too. Contact us today for excellent tax accounting services.