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Running a business can be hectic and at times an utter nightmare. From securing capital to paying employees and complying with seemingly ongoing and ever complex  tax laws, it can be overwhelming.That said, it is only wise to hire a Registered tax agent to help in relieving some of the pressure.

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What is a Tax Agent?

A tax agent is a person or a Company who has the elite authority to represent taxpayers. They can represent business taxpayers or individual taxpayers. Tax agents are also commonly known as Public Accountants. They act on behalf of their clients while dealing with tax authorities like ATO.

Taxpayers assist in all matters relating to tax. This includes lodging tax returns and handling tax payments. They are also playing the role of advising their clients on all issues related to tax. 

How a Tax Agent Can Help Your Business


Ensure Tax Compliance

Tax agents ensure that a business is aware of all its obligations that relate to tax. Secondly, they educate the business owner about the easy ways of fulfilling their obligations. Tax payments and lodgings often have strict deadlines. The Tax agent helps their Clients make sure that the deadlines are met to avoid possible penalties and interest charges.

Assist in Tax Obligation Calculations

Most of the time, taxpayers do not know what they owe in tax. A tax agent eliminates this obstacle by helping in liability calculations. They formulate statements that explain the business’ liability. They are educated about tax policies and are in a better position to determine current and potential future liabilities.

Saves Money for Taxpayers

There are many legal ways through which taxpayers can effectively reduce their tax liability. Unfortunately, most taxpayers are not aware of these mechanisms. Tax agents advise taxpayers on the various ways of legally reducing their tax liability. That way, the taxpayer does not incur any more tax than he is legally required too. This is completely different to Tax avoidance schemes which have the sole or predominant purpose of avoiding tax. There are massive fines and penalties, and possible jail,  for any taxpayer who participates in any such schemes.

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Hiring Perth Mobile Tax means that you forget about fuel expenses because we always can come to your premises if required. While that may seem like a small advantage, there’s so much more to gain. We are available from 8am to 6pm everyday, offer top-notch services and affordability is guaranteed. Perth Mobile Tax is skilled and experienced, assuring your world-class tax services!

Our firm is committed to making sure its clients comply with tax laws hassle-free. They are founded on a tradition of trust, loyalty, and integrity. It is only with Perth Mobile Tax that business can be done stress-free.

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