Accounting software helps juggle your finances with minimal effort and admin. Even the most basic software allows you to send invoices, manage payroll and create a list of suppliers or customers. 

MYOB is an Australian tax and accountancy software firm that provides a range of products for small and large businesses. Founded in 1991, it is one of Australia’s largest privately owned companies.

Whether you are looking for a simple bookkeeping package or something more comprehensive, MYOB accounting software offers users multiple features that best suit your unique business:

Budgets and Reporting

Dive deep into detail, and track your performance against budgets.

Job Tracking

How much time are you spending on each project? Gain insights about all your jobs, so you can stay organised and focus on your most profitable work.

Bills and Expenses

No more worrying to keep track of every single expense, this feature does all the work for you. Simply upload your bills and they will be categorised to the correct expense account. The app automatically creates a detailed budget from your spending habits. 

Take Payments

Send invoices online and make it easy for customers to pay quickly through their preferred method. 

No monthly fees, hidden charges, or setup costs, simply set up your account and start receiving payments. 

Cash Flow Management

Use this tool to track income and expenses at a glance, allowing automatic updates.


With over 150 foreign currencies, MYOB makes your business accessible to customers around the globe.

Timesheets and Rosters

This feature takes away the headache of payroll and HR by managing timesheets in one place in real-time. Remove all paperwork as the app tracks things like overtime. 


Ideal for small businesses, MYOB Payroll offers everything you could want in a payroll system: single touch pay, leave entitlements, automatic tax obligations, and super contributions. And with real-time reporting, you can see how much money each employee earns, what deductions they owe, and where those payments go.

Why Do I Need an Accountant If I Have MYOB? 

Perth Mobile Tax not only provides tax returns and bookkeeping services, but we will also help you set up MYOB and do your payroll and your BAS. In addition, we can help you with tax planning, prepare and lodge your tax returns, set budgets, apply for an ACN or ABN and set up your business’s legal structure. 

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MYOB offers various plans so you can select features that are compatible with your business. Ensure peace of mind when it comes to running your business’ finances. Software that fits with your business setup will allow you to focus on all areas of your business. 

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