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Let us become your small business Chief Financial Officer and help you manage cash flow and growth.

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Every entrepreneur from small to large must have an accountant or bookkeeper who can advise them how their business is performing financially and what key steps can be taken to further grow and save costs.

Do you have plenty of work in the pipeline and are afraid on how these jobs can be completed within reasonable timeframes? Is managing cash flows and business systems slowing you down?

This is where we can help and act like a chief financial officer to your business helping you develop and implement growth strategies and effectively manage cash flows and automate systems.

Are you starting a new business and not sure how to write a business plan and fulfil the legal requirements? Do you want to know how you can forecast what money will the business generate especially if you are quitting your full-time job?

We are the experts when it comes to new business start-ups, as we not only assist you with fulfilling legal requirements, but we also take a more value-added approach by assisting you with deciding the best business structure and write an effective business plan which becomes a fundamental tool for your business.

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