It is stressful to file your tax returns. You may hurry to submit your information, so you may end up making some mistakes. In fact, if you do your tax submissions wrongly, you may miss on tax claims.

It is much better to let a professional file your tax returns. Using a Perth tax agent reduces the chances of missing on tax claims.

Here are the top tips to boost your tax returns in Australia:

1. Provide Accurate Information

  • Some people think inflating deductions can help them get bigger refunds. You need to produce a receipt, invoice or bank statement to prove what you have spent.
  • In addition, you must declare all of your earnings. Make sure your numbers add up since the government can call upon your financial institutions to clarify your claims.

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2. Avoid Relying On Pre-Filled ATO’s Data

  • It is easy to use the systems of ATO to pre-fill most of your income information. However, the income data may not be complete or correct since your financial institution may take time to pass your information to the ATO.
  • Avoid relying on pre-filled ATO’s data to avoid missing on your income data.

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3. Get Expert’s Help

  • It is easy to get tax returns wrong. Getting a tax return wrong can lead to ATO penalties and a lower refund.
  • Hiring an expert to complete your tax return can reduce your stress and ensure your tax return is accurate and complete.
  • The tax agent can even help you find tax deductions that you did not know. Therefore, using a tax agent can help you get more tax refund.

However, it is difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy tax accountant or tax agent to file your tax returns. If you are looking for the tax accountant or tax agent in Perth, Western Australia, then contact Perth Mobile Tax for all your tax needs.

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